Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Times All Around

Despite the tension/drama in the barn after 4H Fair, both Anna and I had great lessons yesterday.  Anna's still nervous about cantering/jumping Phoenix since she was bucked off a few months ago but is slowly making progress.  They worked on transitions, trot poles, and finding a rhythm. Jen was having Anna count out loud while cantering around and relaxing into him.  It worked because by the end of the lesson Anna was cantering cross rails!! 

I love how soft and relaxed her hand is!

Buddy was convinced he shouldn't have to work for my lesson and was pretty lazy during our warm up.  We had to do the same 3 stride line from last week, but they jumps were tiny.  Bud put no effort into them and I was chasing him down the line. We almost took out one of the barn cats too, she kept walking around the jumps and at one point was winding herself around Buddy's legs as I stopped to talk to Jen.
His not impressed face

We then worked on a triple Jen had had me set up; a two to a two.  We started with the first two fences and once we got that Jen added the third.  Again, Buddy lacked motivation coming into the line but it still flowed really well.  Jen had me take a single fence before going to the line to help with our rhythm but I don't think it really did that much good.

Jen took some video with her phone, and of course that time Buddy decided to forget about his lead changes.  We went back and fixed them then called it quits.
We're going to try again to do a lesson on the school horse mare next week since the farrier wasn't able to get out to do her feet in time.

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