Wednesday, May 15, 2013


After the whirlwind that was last weekend  (parents, out of town friends, and helping to run the show) I've been exhausted the past few days. 

I took Buddy over to the show on Sunday to school and he was great. Jumped everything without questioning, including the triple combination. After we were done schooling, I grabbed my XC vest and we headed out. I didn't do too much since we were alone and he had already worked hard. We went back and forth thru the water and did a couple logs and a coop. Bud then got to spend the rest of the day in a day stall and relax. 

He got Monday off and Amy had a lesson yesterday. She said he was good and I think they'll do a couple 2'6" jumper classes at the show on Sunday. I'm planning on doing the 2'6" eq and mini medal and maybe a $150 2'6"-2'9" take your own line jumper class. We'll see what Jen says and how much pony we have left at that point. 

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