Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Birthday and an Anniversary

I mentioned it on Facebook, but Monday was Buddy's 17th birthday!  In no way shape or form does he act 17.  At the show on Saturday a couple of the girls asked how old he was, they though 12 or 14.  They were stunned when I said 17.  For his birthday we went for a bareback ride in the field and I put the studs on him for the first time.  We just walked and trotted, but I wanted him to get a feel for them before we did any hard work with them on.

I had been talking with the girls at the show about how long I've had him, and it's been three years since I started riding him.  I started riding him in April/May of 2010 when Phoenix went lame and we tried to rehab him before deciding to semi-retire him.  I rode Buddy all summer of 2010 and showed him in August, winning 3 out of 4 classes on him. I then decided to look for a new horse, and after trying a few, Connie offered Buddy to me at a steal.  She also let me postpone paying for him till that October, so that's when I consider that he was mine. 

The 2010 show
In some ways the past three years have flown by and it seems like yesterday we were still figuring each other out.  In others, it seems so much longer than three years.  I feel like we are really a team now, that I know him inside and out, and he knows me.  I know I can trust him with anything and that now instead of building my confidence back up, we are working on polishing and trying the harder/scarier/higher stuff.  The 2'6" fences at the show seemed small to me, like we could have done the 3' easy if I had pony power left.  Here's to another 3 wonderful years!

Love ya Bud Bud!


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