Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Back to my lesson on Wednesday:  Jen had us warm up over a few trot fences then move onto a little canter course.  We nailed everything!  I was able to, for the most part, sit there and wait for the fences to come to us.  We did have a short 5 in a bending line that Jen wanted in 4, but it worked ok and both her and I were happy with it.

From there Jen had us work on an angled fence to a tight rollback.  She put the angled fence down since I wasn't convinced we could actually make the turn.  The first time thru I felt Buddy question that we were actually doing this odd angle but he was game for it.  We did it a few times then Jen put it back up.  As I said earlier, as long as I looked and kept my leg on, Buddy was right there and the turn was a lot easier than I thought.

Tonight I went out with the college girls to help set up for their show tomorrow.  I had designed the courses and I wanted to make sure they were set up correctly.  I think the course looked great, but the girls were wanting someone to ride it to make sure.  They all looked at me, and as I'm the only one with a truck and trailer, I asked if they wanted me to bring Bud to be a test rider.  They said yes, so I'll be picking up the pony early in the am to school the course before schooling begins.  I'm planning on staying to help the girls so Buddy will be tied to the trailer but hopefully I can get him a day stall. 

The farm the show is at is the local event barn that has an awesome XC course.  It's open for schooling and maybe I'll take Buddy for a little spin on it tomorrow, if he's not too tired.  We were talking with the barn owners tonight and they said we (as part of the team) wouldn't have to pay the schooling fee as the team has rented the facility for the day, so score!


  1. Cool! I'm looking forward to taking photos tomorrow. :)

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