Friday, April 12, 2013

Pre-show prep

We had our pre show lesson yesterday and Buddy was very good.  We really didn't work on too much hunter type fences, instead we did a lot of turns, rollbacks and bending lines.  We nailed almost everything, with just a few tiny fixes and were able to have a nice rhythm and flow.

Today Buddy got the day off, and I pulled him mane and clipped him up.  I still have to clip his back legs, my clippers died before I could get them done.  Tomorrow will be bath day and tack cleaning.  I got most of my stuff together already so it should be pretty easy to load up Sunday morning.

Yesterday I also rode Leo, one of the other horses in the barn I occasionally school.  One of the college girls might start riding him and maybe jump him, but he hasn't been worked in a few months and she's more of a beginner so I wanted to see how he was before she rode him. We had been told he had jumped in 4H years ago, but who knows what that means. I put the western saddle on him just to be safe and hacked him while Jen was giving a little kid lesson.  He was ok at the trot, but was horrible at the canter.  Head up, running like a freight train, and wouldn't pick up his right lead.

Once he calmed down a bit I took him over some poles Jen had out and he did good, went right over them.  Jen then told me to take him over a crossrail to see what he did, and he shocked me by being great! Jumped it like he's done it a million times.  I was then told to do a full course with him and he was amazing.  Cantered nice and quietly after the jumps, took everything in stride and was so calm.  He was a bit wiggly and crooked but that's easily fixed. Rick managed to take a video, but hasn't sent it to me yet. I was so proud of him!

He was pretty proud of himself too


  1. I'm new to your blog and looking forward to hearing how your show goes :)

  2. Welcome! The show went really well. Once I've recovered I'll do a post on it.