Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Miss Zoe is coming back!

I'm more excited about her coming back than I thought I would be, but I've missed the little mare.  We've gotten a big influx of college girls (and 1 guy!) at the barn and are short horses. Jen, Connie and I were talking about how to make things work, and it was said that Zoe shouldn't have gone back to her owner's in Febuary. The lightbulb then went off and we talked about bringing her back to be a lesson/lease horse for the college kids.

I've know that her owner's husband has been really sick and I was sure Deb hasn't done anything with Zoe.  I emailed her this morning asking what her thoughts were, and she confired that Zoe's only been ridden twice sine Feb. But she's more than happy to have her come back and be used.  We're working out the details, but I'll probably go pick her up this weekend

Missed this bitchy little thing!

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