Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stepping it up

This past week had been a whirlwind!  My hours at work have been upped (good for the wallet, bad for pony time) and I've had dinners/parties to go to all weekend. I had a couple easy hacks with Buddy in which he was pretty good.  Worked on his lateral work. Since I've been riding Phoenix I've realized that Bud's lateral work is seriously lacking.  Phoenix has pretty decent leg yields, half passes, counter canter, and lead changes.  When I was riding him all the time and showing, I didn't pay attention and realize just what nice lateral work he had.  I've decided that there's no reason that Buddy can't have it too...or at least be better than he currently is.

One of things I loved to do with Phoenix was doing a flying change from the correct lead to counter canter.  I once actually got him to do a three tempi change!  It wasn't anything that would score in the dressage ring, but it was pretty fun.  I was working on counter canter with Bud on Thursday and for fun asked him to switch from the correct lead to counter canter and HE DID IT!! I was shocked considering it was from right to left, which is usually his harder direction.  I had him do a couple strides in counter canter than patted him and told him he was such a good boy. Now that I know he can do it, I'll start working on it more.

Saturday I set up a few fences in the outdoor, including a new pallet/brush box thing.  We had some equipment deliveries at work, and they came on half pallets that to me looked like perfect jump filler.  I drove my truck down to work and loaded one up.  I plan to paint or stain it once the weather warms up so it will hold up better to the rain. I measured and it's right at 2'6".

 Right when I was going to get on Saturday the sky opened up and poured so we moved inside.  I brought the brush box in.  I had it set next to a jump while we warmed up, and Buddy didn't so much as twitch an ear at it.  We schooled over a vertical at first then added the box.  Buddy jumped it no problem.  I love that I can take him over new things and he doesn't care!  We have a lesson with Jen on Thursday and the box will make an appearance there.

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