Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enjoying life

This past week the weather has been great!  It's still a little cold in the morning but its been warming up into the 60s.  And now that the time changed its light till after 7 so I've been spending most of my evening at the barn.

On Sunday Amy had a lesson on Buddy, and while he was a bit of a pill for her, they ended well.  She's still trying to get used to him as he's almost the complete opposite of what she had been riding.  He was fussy with his head, but that's because she needs to relax and let go; trust that he 's not going to run away or do something naughty.  I can see a lot of myself in her when I first started riding Buddy.  The locked elbows, not sitting down and pushing him forward...makes me realize just how far we've come.  She has another lesson today that I should be able to watch.

I'm leaving Friday for 10 days down in sunny CA.  I've managed to convince my dad to drive the 2.5hrs out to Thermal with me on Sunday to watch the Thermal Million Grand Prix.  I'm so excited!!! We are leaving first thing Sunday morning so we can watch some of the hunters before the main event. I'm going to try and take lots of pics.

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