Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lazy Sunday

After running around at fair Mon-Wed, then busting my butt at work Thurs-today, I didn't have the energy to do much with Bud today.  It's cooler than it has been, so I had the engery to move the jumps around in the field to a somewhat hunterish course.  But by the time I tacked up, my motivation was gone. Bud and I went out and just played around on the flat then took a nice long walk around the field.  He didn't seem to mind an easy day!

I took Zoe out for her first jump school in the field yesterday.  I've ridden her on the flat out there a couple times before.  Again, the whole no fence line thing came into play; she really wants to pop her right shoulder and not pick up her left lead. She was better once we started going over fences, but we still have problems getting her to open up her stride and move up to a distance.  I haven't been using spurs, but I think I will next time.  We kept getting a shorter waiting distance, which now that the fence are going up doesn't always work.  I did take her over her first 2'6" fence, and she hit it pretty hard her first time.  The second time, she really sat back on her hind end and made it over fine.  I'm so proud of her!

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