Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dressage'n it up

Yesterday I went with one of the 4H girls to a little dressage schooling show.  I didn't get my stuff together in time to send in an entry for Buddy, but I told Abbi I would go help coach and be her reader.  Unfortunatley right as she started tacking up, it started raining.  On the plus side, it was warm, around 70, but it kept a light rain during all of her two tests.  Of course as soon as she got off, it cleared up. 

Abbi did really well, a 58.5% and a 62% in training level.  She had a couple little bobbles, but for her first dressage show she did great!  Watching her go, I really regret not taking Bud.  I know we could have done pretty well. 

Today Buddy and I practiced movements from training 3 and first level 1 tests. Our trot lengthenings still need a little work, but our canter lenghtenings were actually pretty nice. In the stretchy trot circles, Bud stretches down well, but tends to speed up.  I had a little light bulb keep him in a nice frame and pace I really have to close my thighs and slow my post to slow his rhythm. Riding like that is better than a ThighMaster!  I could feel the burn and I know it will be worse tomorrow!

They are having another schooling show in August and I think like 6 of us from the barn are planning on go.  We'll have a regular caravan up there!

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