Friday, July 6, 2012

Burning and Barrels

It's been busy this week, and thankfully dry! The ponies got there feet done on Tuesday. Phoenix had pulled a shoe and thankfully I had found it so my farrier could reset it. Phoenix has had a small crack in his right front for a month or so. Hasn't bothered him and while it's not too big, it bugs me. My farrier heated up the end of his rasp and burned a mark into the hoof to keep the crack from getting bigger. Looks kinda funky, but works!

I haven't done too much with Bud this week, just a couple easy flat rides and one jump school. With Zoe I've done the same, with the addition of barrels to our jumping. The barn has 3 plastic barrels for barrel racing, but I use them as jumps.

The first time thru, about 3 strides out I felt Zoe back off, but with a nudge from my spur she hopped right over them. The second time thru she didn't hesitate at all! I got one of the other boarders to video, but I can't upload it. So here are some still shots!

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