Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Ides of March

 Technically my run of bad luck started in February, but hopefully we can break it now. After Cinder's Voltaren induced burn started healing and she was cleared for under saddle work, Trainer A rode her once before cruelly abandoning me going to CA for a horse trial for a week. She reported that Cin was a little spooky for the ride, but when I came out two days later Cinder was foot perfect for me. 

Would this creature ever be naughty? Yes, yes she would

When I rode two days after that, a Friday, the weather was horrible with strong winds and hail that started about 30mins into our ride. I wisely chose life and ended the ride when Cinder grew about three inches with the start of the hail. I don't blame her, it was miserable out and I've never run up the hill from the arena to the barn faster. I rode again on Sunday, and after having a little conversation about proper upward canter transitions, had a decent ride. 

On Monday I rode during my normal lesson time (Trainer A had just gotten back from CA and had cancelled lessons) and Cin was spooky as shit. She was convinced there were monsters at the far end of the arena. I kept riding her through it and actually got some nice canter work out of her, when bringing her down to the walk she spooked at nothing, dropped her shoulder, and spun me off. It was a slow fall, and I realized I was coming off as soon as I felt her shoulder drop out from underneath me. I landed on my hip and rolled to my back, hitting my head slightly. I sat up and cursed for a minute as Cinder stood five feet away looking guilty. I wasn't hurt so I got back on and walked for a few minutes to reassure both of us, and to dry the tears of frustration on my face. There's a boarder who makes a big deal of out everything who was there that day, and I absolutely did not want evidence of my fall to be apparent and for her to make a thing out of it. 

From the day she was perfect

I texted A and told her what happened and asked if she could put an extra training ride on Cin for me that week. She agreed and texted me the next day saying Cin was still pretty spooky. She had also been a little crabby while getting groomed by both me and A. We think these transition months in the spring and fall, when the weather is bipolar and she's transitioning into/out of heat are hard for her. We started her on Mare Magic and I ordered a calming supplement to see if those help. If not, we'll ask the vet what she recommends. 

Destroyed a four month old bridle that is now sold out

I was only slightly sore after my fall, but three days later on Thursday of last week, I came down with a nasty cold. I had to cancel my lessons on Friday and Monday because I could barley leave the house, let alone ride. Trainer A has been putting rides on in place of lessons, before she leaves again today for Ram Tap. And of course Cin had to be naughty. Yesterday after A rode, Cinder made a dive for the feed cart before A could untack her and stepped on her reins, breaking her bridle in two places. Then this morning A was working her before leaving, and Cinder pulled a hind shoe. FML mare. 

Not the pictures you want to get from your trainer

I guess Cin gets more time off till I can get a farrier to put her shoe back on. Trainer A will be back next Monday, I think, so hopefully we can settle back into somewhat of a normal schedule.


  1. Springtime is tough with horses! And the weather has been nutty. Still though, I hope the mare magic helps and you guys can get back to having good rides.

  2. Horses gonna horse. Glad you're OK and sorry for all the bad luck lately!