Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Queen of Dings

 Charlie might be the King of Dings in blogland, but I'd like to submit Cinder for Queen of Dings. On Saturday night when trainer A was doing night checks, Cinder got cast in her stall. Cin was able to free herself, but not before she scraped up all four legs. After checking her out, A decided everything was fairly superficial, gave her some bute, and tucked her in for the night with some extra hay. 

When I came out Sunday, she was in the pasture and looked sound walking in. Her right front (the one that blew up post Voltaren) was pretty stocked up on the inside of the leg. Her chemical burn is healed, but the hair is still growing back, and Cinder whacked herself right above it Saturday night. I have a feeling this leg might be more prone to blowing up now. There was no heat in any legs, so I turned her out in the indoor to see how she looked. She was bit stiff in the canter, but sound thank goodness. I took her back into the barn, washed all the scrapes off and treated her with silver spray and the antibiotic/steroid cream the vet gave me for the chemical burn. I don't trust anything else but the steroid cream on the right front for now.

No wound pics, so have one A sent me earlier in the day Saturday. She ponied Cin while doing trot sets up the hill. 

I had a lesson scheduled Monday afternoon, and while the RF was still slightly swollen, Cin was still sound so we decided to do the lesson. We had some really nice trot work and Cinder felt great, but the canter was pretty ugly. We started going to the left and had probably our ugliest canter transition ever. A did give me props for keeping my calm and riding her through it, but it was obvious Cin was still uncomfortable. She felt stabby behind, and I brought her back to the trot after a couple of circles. We switched directions and she felt better going to the right, so A had me get up in my two point and let her go forward and stretch. Cin felt better as we kept going, so we went back to the left and while not 100%, she was definitely less stabby. 

A is riding Cinder today before she leaves for Galway Downs and I'll ride/lung on Thursday before I leave on vacation for two weeks. The massage lady is coming Saturday, so hopefully she can soothe out any lingering issues for Cin. I've told Cinder that she absolutely can not try to unalive herself in the three days that A and I are gone at the same time, and that I would really appreciate it if she doesn't do anything for the whole two weeks I'm gone. I'm not keeping my hopes up though. 


  1. oh geez, glad she's ok! horses getting cast can be so scary, no wonder she was a little sore :( here's hoping she makes better choices while you're away!