Thursday, May 5, 2022

Waving the White Flag

Since I last blogged, Cinder and I haven't done all that much. April was one of the wettest months on record, which is a good thing since we need the rain, but didn't really work well with only having an outdoor arena. As I found myself going days with out riding, I was less inclined to hop on Cinder alone. And considering I'm alone 90% of the time, I didn't ride much. Add in some brutal work stress, and my mental and emotional game is pretty much shit right now. 

I did do a couple of bareback walks with Peebs because sometimes you just need your best boy

I've decided that for my mental health, I need Cinder in a program. I need to know she's getting worked regularly, so I'm less fearful of getting on her alone. I'd like a trainer to get on her first at a show if she's worked up. I need regularly scheduled lessons to hold me accountable. I also really miss having a barn family and the social aspect of a bigger barn/program. 

I also recommend taking your horse's b-day pics early for a quick pick-me-up

So, I'm on the hunt for a new trainer and barn for Cinder. Peebs will stay at our current barn since he's currently retired and it's a great retirement facility. As much as I love Trainer A and all that she's done for Cinder and myself, she's an eventer and I'm a hunter. I want a h/j trainer and program that goes to the shows I want to do. I've talked with A and she understands, and I did say that if whatever program I try doesn't work out, I'll go back to her because she's my safe space. 

I failed at getting media so enjoy this one blurry pic

I've been in this area long enough to know what barns/trainers I'd want to/be able to afford to ride with. After talking with her a bit, I scheduled a haul-in trainer ride with my top choice trainer. She's a little over an hour away (boo), but is very nice, has a good group of students (both ammys and kids), and her philosophy seems like it meshes with mine. Cinder was pretty wound up, and wasn't so sure about potential new trainer on her back (only the third person to ever ride her, so fair) but I really liked how potential new trainer handled her. We go back this Sunday for another lesson with her. She doesn't have an open stall till June, which is both good and bad. My anxiety wants Cinder in a program ASAP, but this gives me time to work with PNT without fully committing to her program and completely changing both my and Cinder's lives. 


  1. Awww, I know this feeling. I'm glad you have a potential option! Are you by chance driving closer to me? It will make bringing Speedy to visit you guys much easier. ;)

  2. I feel all of this! The weather has made things so difficult and riding youngsters intermittently and with varying or no support is not my happy place either. Love that you've been proactive and are exploring ways to make it work. I hope the new barn is a big success!

  3. It's tough with a young horse not having help around, which is why I was reluctant to bring Al home too. I wouldn't consider it waving a white flag, but rather taking a step toward reaching your goals. I hope this trainer works out for you, sounds like it could be a great fit!