Monday, April 12, 2021

From Halter to the Olympics

 I don't think I ever did an in-depth post on Cinder's bloodlines. She's not registered, her dad isn't registered and he's wasn't approved as a stallion before he was gelded, so I'm pretty much out of luck getting her registered. I'm trying to get her approved ISR/Oldenburg NA. Since they're not having inspections I can get her into the premare book and if/when she's inspected she can be moved into one of the other books. 

One Heinz 57 mutt of a horse right here

In my quest to document her lineage I was able to get more info on each of her parents. Sire Chancellor is by Cord (Swedish) out of Imprint (ISR). I had been told that Imprint was by Ideal and out of a QH mare, which is where Rogue's palomino coloring came from. But one of the pics that was sent to me a few weeks ago was of Imprint's ISR paperwork, and she was out of a Paint mare, not QH. And I was able to look up Imprint's bloodlines. 


Far Ute Keno (palomino) is Cinder's 3rd great grandsire

Imprint's mom and APHA grandparent's didn't really do a whole lot, from what I can find. But her two grandsires did. Far Ute Keno was a Superior All Around horse, as well as a leading sire for many years, winning a Lifetime Leading Sire award. Scribbles also won the APHA Superior All Around and Lifetime Leading Sire awards, and was inducted into the APHA Hall of Fame in 2018. Both stallions won a lot of halter awards, so maybe Cinder winning her halter class at 2 shouldn't have been such a surprise. I mean she obviously takes after the APHA part of her pedigree hahahaha.


On the dam side, I knew Abby (registered as Brenna) was by Bolero out of St Pr H Goldlady. I could trace the Bolero side back but was stumped with Goldlady. I still don't know what the St Pr H means, but I was able to find out that Goldlady was by the Olympic dressage stallion Goldstern. Goldstern was bought by the Dusseldorf Police Force as a young horse, and in between winning two Olympic team gold and an individual bronze medals, as well as many European championships, he patrolled the streets of Dusseldorf for two hours a day. I can't even imagine if any current Olympic horses had to be used as police horses today. 

I haven't been able to find much on Goldlady's dam side, mostly because the one Goldlady I found wasn't born on the same year as what I have in the records. I'm sure the records could be off, or it could be a different Goldlady. I'm going to keep digging to see what I can find. I love looking back and seeing all the different horses that make Cinder who she is.


  1. St Pr H is a premium designation, meaning that the mare scored high enough to achieve premium status for breeding.

    1. blogger won't let me log in but ita me, the900facebookpony :P

    2. I figured the St Pr H was some kind of premium or quality designation, and I figured it anyone would know it would be you!

  2. What an interesting combination! Cinder definitely takes after the warmblood side!

  3. Maybe the APHA part will be good for the brain! I truthfully don't know much about bloodlines, but glad you could uncover some stuff

  4. I have access to the APHA database if you need any help looking someone up.