Thursday, February 18, 2021

Winter Storm 2021

 We had a winter storm roll through starting last Thursday.  My house (and Peebs) were at the southern edge of the storm, and we got a little ice Thursday night, rain Friday which froze that night, plus a little more ice Friday night. There were some downed trees, and some people without power but all in all it wasn't that bad compared to the rest of the state that got hit. 

Limbs and branches in the winter pasture

TCF has a bunch of downed trees, and the summer pasture fence got almost completely taken out on the north and west sides. Thankfully, the winter pasture only had a few downed branches in the middle of the field and the fences were fine. Sunday the BOs, friend A, and I spent the morning chopping branches and hauling them out of the field. 

Half a tree in Cinder's pasture. There's another tree this size that's completely fallen over as well

Cinder's barn wasn't so lucky and got hit much harder than I did. They lost power on Friday, and still didn't have it back when I when up on Tuesday. I'm not sure how much ice they ended up with, but it was a lot. They had a lot of downed trees, and limbs. The BM sent out a text Saturday asking people to not come out to the barn. Between the ice, downed trees and power lines on the roads, and no power at the barn, she said it wasn't worth it and that all the ponies were fine and tucked in their stalls with extra hay. 

The first of many burn piles at WCS


Needless to say, we scratched from the show on Sunday. Trainer A called it Friday night when she went to start loading the trailer and the tack room door was completely frozen shut. A little schooling show isn't worth trying to haul in ice. 

Fingers crossed that's the worst of it for this winter, but who knows!


  1. Always better safe than sorry, and there will always be more horse shows!

  2. Winter is the worst.
    Definitely a good call on the show. There will always be others!

  3. I know Salem got a lot of ice, but from some reports I've seen the woodburn and canby areas were "the epicenter". We ended up with about 2 inches of ice coating branches and power lines. It was crazy! I don't mind the storm part, I'd just like to have power back!