Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Transformation Tuesday: Mane Edition

Since Cinder's been living outside 24/7 this summer I've been slacking a bit on her grooming routine. Most days I just brought her in to eat her grain, spritzed on some fly spray, and checked her out for any new bites and scrapes. I did start getting her ready for the Young Horse Show but once that got cancelled I let her get feral looking again.

If this tail keeps going, she'll never need a fake one

Sunday was rainy and nasty and Cinder spent the day inside. Since I wasn't going to ride Peebs, I figured Cin was due for a beauty day. Or as much of one as I could give her since getting a bath in the rain, and with stitches, was out. She got a good currying which is her favorite, a brushing, and a spritz with Eqyss Avocado Conditioner. I also brushed out her tail with Carr & Day & Martin Canter Conditioner. I had banged her tail in prep for the YHS and once it was all brushed out her tail looked amazing.  She's going through a weedy, awkward phase (honestly she looks like a 16.1hand dachshund) and I'm pretty sure all the extra food I'm dumping into her is going into her tail.

That one super long section? The only part of her mane she protests about getting pulled

The big transformation was her mane. She's surprisingly good for having her mane pulled, only protesting at one section. Like her tail, Cin's mane is super thick and I'm going to need to stay on top of keeping it pulled. In my zeal about how good she was handling the pulling, I grabbed a too thick section and got the pulling comb stuck.  As I tried to get it out I somehow stabbed my finger with the comb.  That ever happen to anyone else, or am I just lucky?

So much better looking
I need to touch up a couple places by her poll, but Cin was reaching the end of her patience.  We did end the beauty day with a quick clip of her bridle path and under her jaw. Her stitches come out Friday and I'm hoping its warm enough this weekend to give her an end of summer bath.


  1. It's not just you - I've managed to wound myself with pulling combs numerous times 🙄

  2. I always end up with blisters of some kind so I only do partial manes, a little each day of the week

  3. I once had a horse rear up while I was pulling his mane, his head hit mine, and in the process of falling off the ladder, I cut two of my fingers with the comb. So uh... not just you!
    Her tail looks amazing!