Thursday, September 26, 2019

Asking For a Friend: Logo Design

Since I've been boarding at A's farm, TCF, this summer and A and I have shown together a few times now I've officially declared myself part of Team TCF. Even with Peebs moving out next week to go back to our old barn for the winter, I want to be repping TCF.  Only problem is that A doesn't have a logo, or barn colors. I want to fix that.

So dear readers, anyone do logo design or know who does? I'd prefer paying a blogger/horse person for it if I can.  Either leave a comment or hit me up at basneym at oregonstate . edu


  1. I designed my own on logomakr. It was really easy to do and super cheap. I'm definitely not an artist or anything, but I like how it came out. So you could probably do it yourself if you have an idea of what you want. They have loads of available clip art to use, which is what I did for mine. Just compiled some images I liked. (Jumping horse, horse shoe, and ribbon)

  2. I design logos and know lots of people who do

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