Monday, December 18, 2017

Seven Months

Cinder turned seven months old on Saturday. I’m still amazed at how good she is. We’ve taken walks down the road, and other than not wanting to go through puddles she handled it really well. She did spook at a friend standing behind a hedge but got over it pretty quick. And all she really did was try to get as close as possible to me without not actually running me over. She handled cars, trains, and dogs like they were nothing.

Also ok with stickers on her halter

I wanted to measure her to see exactly how big she is. I used my BO’s stick that Peebs was terrified of. In perfect baby fashion she was skeptically curious and handled it fine. She’s 13.2 at the wither and 13.35 at the hip. She’s gotten a hint of rib this past week and her butt’s shot up so we’re in a growth spurt.

Sunday I asked my BO for some help with Cinder. She’s started a bunch of babies and loves working with young/green horses. We practiced picking up Cinder’s feet, started trotting in hand, introduced clippers and tieing. BO ran the lead rope through a tie ring in the indoor and just held steady pressure. Cinder hit the pressure, tried to take a step back, realized she couldn’t, and promptly went forward to give to the pressure. We did this for maybe three minutes and she never freaked out any time she hit the end of the rope. BO kept saying how smart she was. The clippers didn’t go quite as easily, but with some cookies as bribery she was standing still for them around her muzzle and neck.

Most importantly I’ve decided on a show name for her, Bright Side. It might or might not have come to me as I was driving to work and the song Mr. Brightside came on the radio....


  1. What a good brain she has! Can't wait to see how she develops :)

  2. I like the name! And she sounds like a very smart girl. So excited to follow along!