Friday, December 8, 2017

I Feel Good

I'm a big believer in the magic of Back on Track products.  I had a sheet and saddle pad for Buddy, and they made a huge difference in the winter for him.  Peebs is similar to Buddy in that he tends to get more muscle sore/stiff than joint stiff (furiously knocks wood).  So I bought him a sheet over the summer.

I had the chiro out a month or so ago for him and she noted that his hips and back feel much better than usual but his neck is still his weak spot.  He loves to impersonate a giraffe; part of it is how he's built, and part is he likes looking around. I always know when it's time for him to see the chiro because he stops being able to bend his neck to the right and will brace and hold tension in his neck.  So my one Black Friday/Post-Thanksgiving Sales purchase was a BOT neck rug for 20% off.  Then last week SmartPak had one of their 25 days of Christmas specials as a BOT pad with free polos.  It also combined with another 15% sale, so I got a pad and polos. 

I've been using the sheet since we started blanketing the horses, sometimes layering it under another sheet or medium blanket once the temps dropped. Peebs started wearing the neck rug Tuesday and I just started using the saddle pad and polos last night.  He's been warming up much faster than before and feels good.  Almost too good.  So good he needs a lunge before we ride if he's had a day off or a couple of easy days.  So good I dropped my whip earlier in the week and didn't use one last night.  So good that I had to do our canter work last night in a half-seat or two point because if I sat he impersonated a race horse.  I'm happy he's feeling great, but I'm knida worried about the monster I've created. 


  1. I've recently accepted that the voodoo magic of back on track is real. Each of the boys at home got a sheet and they came with the neck cover, but I haven't used those yet.

  2. haha Carlos also used to feel too good, but its ok eventually they get over how excited they are about feeling good.

  3. I gave Moiya 5 days off while I traveled and the old lady came out breathing FIRE roflmao. I'm so glad when they feel good... but also... I kinda wanna keep my life lol