Friday, June 23, 2017

The Dangers of Mesh Sleeves

At the show I wore an Essex Classic show shirt, that I've worn in the past.  It's one of the new designs, pretty sure a Talent Yarn with the quarter placket of buttons, snap wrap collar, and mesh on the underside of the sleeves.

Mine had different trim, but basically the same shirt

I have a mole on the underside of my right arm.  I've worn other shirts, and this one, with mesh before and never had a problem.  But on Sunday my mole somehow got stuck in the mesh.  I didn't realize it till I was taking the shirt off, and I kinda had to just yank it out. Sorry for TMI. Everything seemed fine at the time, but Monday morning my arm really hurt.  The mole was slightly swollen and it felt bruised, but there was nothing visible.  All week my arm has hurt and I've had to change shirts because they would either brush too close to my mole, or hit my arm at exactly that spot.  Today is the first day it hasn't hurt.

I'm kinda nervous to wear any shirt with mesh on the underside now, sun shirt or show shirt. I guess I'll have to start putting a band aid or something over the mole so this doesn't happen again.  And a word of warning to anyone with a mole under their arms; watch out for mesh sleeves!!


  1. That's so crazy! Go get that thing taken off, then you'll be safe ;) Joking aside, hope it's feeling better soon!