Monday, January 9, 2017

Second Best Decision of 2016

My best decision of 2016 was buying Peebs, obviously.  But my second best?  Buying studded snow tires for my truck.  For the past month we've been dealing with snow, ice, and days of below freezing temps.  While each individual storm hasn't been as bad as some in the past, added together this has to be one of the worst winters ever.  It's for sure the worst in the 12yrs that I've lived in Oregon.

So nice to have

My friend asked me a couple months ago if I was interested in buying a set of studded tires from him as he had gotten new wheels and his barley used winter tires wouldn't fit anymore.  I originally said no, but during our first ice/snow day when I almost didn't make it over the bridge on my way to work I changed my mind. I don't usually drive my truck to work, only in bad weather, because my little Scion is absolutely not meant for winter driving. But even with 4WD and weight in the bed of the truck, it was pretty hard getting up the incline of the bridge. I might have leaned forward and clucked at big blue. We were able to meet up later that day at the tire place and swapped everything out.

Poor big blue
Being a SoCal native, I had never seen snow, let alone driven in it till I moved to Oregon for college. While I've had to drive in it in the past, including the time my 50min commute to my last job turned into a 3hr ordeal getting home, I never thought studded tires would make that much of a difference.  I was wrong! I love having them, and I know this last month would have been a lot more challenging without them. But I still don't know how those of you in places that routinely get snow deal with this.  I'm ready to move back down south anytime now!

Should have gotten him drilled and tapped for studs as well so we could go for a walk down the road!


  1. Snow tires are illegal in Ohio... otherwise I'd probably have them too!

  2. We're going on a ski trip next weekend and I am vehemently against driving. I just haven't dealt with those conditions before and I don't want to start now lol

  3. Sometimes I miss Michigan... we got plenty of snow there! And then I remember the roads, and how much bundling you have to do, and I don't miss it as much.

  4. I've often dreamed of snow tires!! It's amazing what a difference the right equipment can make!!

  5. Ugh. Snow is the worst. THE WORST. I got my brand spanking new truck on Friday just in time for our latest round of winter torture. And then I didn't want to drive it because who wants to risk crashing a brand new truck?!
    Sounds like you definitely made a good call with the snow tires!

  6. I'm currently dreaming about snow tires right now... my poor little car can't handle the snow at all either and I am over it!