Thursday, January 19, 2017

Horse Show Pet Peeves

Overall the show last weekend was pretty well run but there were a couple little things that checked my pet peeves list.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, bedding wasn't included in the price of a stall.  Which wasn't the end of the world since I only got a day stall and Peebs was in it for about an hour total but it would have been a lot worse if I had gotten an overnight stall or if we had hung around a bit longer.  It wouldn't have been that hard to say on the entry form that bedding wasn't included and needed to be bought from the facility.

 No distances were listed for the lines and the course wasn't open for schooling or walking before hand.  Or if it was I never heard them announce it.  Granted, its a jumper class, so how many strides you get in a line isn't important but by looking at the course I thought 6ab would have been a 1 or 2 stride line but it ended up being a four. And that was a long four trotting in; I'm sure it would have been an easy four cantering in or maybe a three for the bigger classes.  I've always been taught that a combination is a 1 or 2 stride line, anything 3+ strides are numbered as separate fences.  Is it different in eventing?  This was a jumper show put on by eventers and I don't know the rules for numbering fences in a stadium round vs a straight jumper class.

For the crossrail classes when I walked into the ring they told me to start whenever but then started whistling people for the 2' classes. I had already picked up a trot to come to the first fence when my whistle blew and I wasn't expecting it. So that was a bit confusing.

What are your show management pet peeves?


  1. Are shavings normally included at your shows? They never have been at a show I've attended.
    Usually they don't give distances on jumper courses, but you should get an opportunity to walk, definitely!

  2. I've never been so lucky to have either distances or shavings supplied, but we only go to provincial level dressage/jumper/eventing shows, and only local hunter shows. I've paid extra to have my stall cleaned when time was tight, which was a nice option to have! I think my biggest pet peeve is when things run terribly off schedule or class/division times are changed, and the management has no method of keeping everyone in the loop.

  3. I basically only go to schooling shows so everything is at the whim of the organizers. I've never seen striding listed on course maps either - which can make sense if the organizers set courses for lesson pony striding, knowing that bigger horses with more step might get one less stride. If anything, it would make more sense to list the distance between fences in feet, rather than strides maybe? Also re: numbering the fences, I don't have a clue about what can technically be considered a combination - I just know in eventing you can't circle between something numbered A-B, so if you biff the B you have to go do the A again to fix it. Or maybe the organizers just ran out of numbers ? Lol

  4. I don't pay enough attention to jumper course maps, but I don't think striding is listed -- but we ALWAYS get to walk it. And for hunters and equitation, certainly the distance is marked. Every time, and I would die without it.