Friday, December 23, 2016

Second Half 2016 Goals and 2017 Goals

Since it's almost the end of the year I figured its time for our goals check in. For the second half of 2016 these were our goals:

The Peebs:

  • Work on ear clipping/mane pulling/ear handling Kinda sorta happened.  Had to resort to a twitch
  • Lunge 1x week in vienna reins Done, and will continue to do!
  • Canter transitions  Felt like a lot of time was spent in the past few months on our canter work
  • Start working on flying changes Didn't do, except that he's offering changes more on his own over poles and fences.
  • Field rides once a week when the fields open up  We rode in the field at least twice a week.  Usually at the end of our ride to cool down but also a few lazy day rides as well.
  • Get comfortable over fences Always a work in progress
  • Work on my eye and seeing distances See above
  • 2pointober  Done!  End time was over 8mins!
  • no stirrups at least once a week Nope
  • Be able to canter a full course of fences (height doesn't matter) without losing my shit  I can handle a course of ground poles, does that count?
  • Continue showing as time and money allows Showed in July, and the show we planned on going to in Oct got rained out.
  • Dominate the crossrails and make all the little pony kids cry when they lose to us  We can rock the crossrail trot-a-course!
 As far as 2017, I think I'm going to break it back down to quarterly goals.

The Peebs:
  • Continue canter work, especially to the right
  • Flying changes
  • More lateral work 
  • Figure out how to stop rushing the fence going right up the long side of the ring.
  • Stay happy, healthy, sane, and sound
  • More work cantering fences without feeling like I'm going to die
  • Work on relaxing my hands and elbows
  • More no stirrup work
I'm removing our showing goals. I tend to get hyper focused on what I feel like we should be doing and what I want to do versus where we're at.  Showing should be fun. So our showing goal/plan is to show as much as we can time and money wise and to have fun with it.


  1. Showing should be fun! and yay no stirrup work!

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