Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Wishlist

Since it's that time of year I'm putting out my Christmas Wishlist.  Some of the bigger ticket items are things I'm planning on replacing within the next year or so. 

Leather Open Fronts:
I had to sell my much loved EquiFit open fronts (both the leather and the orginials) because they didn't fit Peebs.  For whatever reason the EquiFits want to slide down his legs and bunch around his pasturn. I've had good luck with Majyk Equipe open fronts so I'd like to get a pair of their leather boots for showing. I haven't decided if I like the brown with the buckles or black with hook closures instead.

County Logic Girth:
I had to sell my 46" County Logic girth when I got my new saddle because it became to small for Peebs.  I got a cheap fleece girth in a 48" that works, but its hard to clean and gets gross easy, especially in the wet Oregon winter.  I'd love to pick up a new County Logic girth in a 48".

Deco Pony Name Plate:
I love the new Deco Pony name plates.  I think I'd like to get both Peeb's show name and barn name on it. I've kinda jumped around in colors for my horses over the year, but lately I'm really into navy/silver combo, so navy background with silver lettering.

New Helmet:
My current helmet is due to be replaced in a year or so (unless *knocks wood* I have a fall).  My head is a GPA shape; the CO's don't fit me at all. I've never tried a Samshield so I'd be interested in trying one on. But as far as GPAs go, I love my Speed Air.  It's the comfiest helmet I've ever worn. I'm not sure I love the look of the First Lady, so it would probably be another Speed Air.

New Tall Boots:
I'm probably going to have to go custom for new tall boots.  My 17" calf is a hard fit for off the rack boots, coupled with my short height.  I have a pair of Ariat V Sport boots that fit, but the blue cuff isn't exactly hunter ring approved.  I can get away with it at schooling/local shows but I want to start doing the rated shows again in the next year or so as well as some of the local medal classes when we're jumping that big again.  


  1. I believe they do allow half chaps at rated shows now (or at least I've seen people wearing them at a couple rated shows in Northern California in the Hunters and the Eq Medals and still placing where they should based on their rounds)

  2. I have always wanted a county logic girth but my mare won't tolerate a leather girth so I had to go with the synthetic tekna version, I love the shape!

  3. Great list! I love my Samshield, and am also decidedly NOT CO shaped, hah

  4. Samshield lover here too! (Though I also love my CO...) See if you can find a TuffRider Regal boot in a full calf to try on. They run on the bigger side. I'm usually a wide but can fit in the regular. I have a 15" calf. The elastic panel is really stretchy so there's a lot of available room in them.