Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Peebs Poop Problem

Say that three times fast!!

When I bought Peebs they told me his "thing" was getting loose manure whenever they switched hay.  They had him on a probiotic that he got about a week before and a week after the switch and it worked pretty well.  I talked with my vet and he told me just to keep Peebs on the probiotic all the time.

Since I'm at a self care barn and clean my stall everyday, I've gotten to know how Peebs goes, as it were. He has had a couple days of loose poop and watery discharge but a double dose of probiotic has seemed to do the trick.  Add in some extra tail, butt, and hind leg washing and we were good to go.

With the arrival of warm sunny days and lots of green grass I've been slowly letting Peebs graze more and more after our rides.  I didn't want to upset his tummy too much so we've only been grazing for 10-15 minutes at time.  And there's been some more loose manure but starting last weekend I noticed that there was a lot of watery discharge down his butt and hock.  So much so that when I scrubbed his legs, he lost some hair along the back of his hock.  I figured it was the grass, and haven't grazed him since but our poop problem continues. His manure returned to normal, maybe a touch on the soft side if I'm being super poop picky, but the watery discharge is still there.

I've got a call into the vet, who is coming out Monday to do shots, and have ordered some BioSponge
 just to be safe.  He's fine otherwise, eating and drinking normally. He's gained wait and muscle since I got him so I'm not worried about ulcers but maybe I should. I just feel bad that his butt and hind legs are constantly gross and that I have wash him almost daily. 


  1. Oh goodness...I can so relate to this. What probiotics do you normally use? Did you get the biosponge syringe or powder?

    1. He's currently on Fast Track but I might switch to Probios. I ordered the powder biosponge because it was cheaper.

    2. Emi has been on equi-shine and platinum balance. My vet was not a fan of probios. I have a tub of the biosponge if it ends up working for you and you want to have more on hand. I'll sell it to you cheap. :)

  2. This happens to my boy Rio too. Don't tell him I told you, he'd be mortified. I keep on a scoop of probios everyday which helps, but the changing season always bring it back.

  3. I've had good luck with ProBios -- Miles is on it all the time, and while he still gets a little bit of loose stool during climate changes, it's much better than it used to be!

  4. Hope the Biosponge does the trick!