Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magical Unicorn Saddle

We had the saddle fitter out on Saturday to do Peebs and another horse in the barn.  While the mare seemed to be a quick fix (she just needs a wide tree saddle) it doesn't look as easy for Peebs and I.  Apparently we are on the hunt for a magical unicorn saddle.

Homeboy might be getting this plastered on him

Being the super awesome horse that he is, Peebs needs a wide to extra wide tree on an English made saddle (no Antares, CWD, Devocoux for us) possibly a hoop tree, while I being the short, squat person that I am needs an 18" short flapped saddle. Do you know how many of these mystical saddles are out there used?  Nada.  And I've been searching multiple used saddle sites multiple times a day since Saturday. I will admit to feeling a bit discouraged over the weekend.

For what I'm going to pay for our new saddle it might as well be gold

It was a bit funny, when the saddle fitter told me that I needed a bigger seat size with a short flap she seemed almost embarrassed, like it was a secret that I'm short and fat. I told her that I realize that, that I've had to deal with too long flaps my entire life and that I know how hard it is to find short flaps.  She let out a breath and seemed quite relieved. 

I do have an email into the local County rep to see about getting an appointment to see how much $$$ it will be to get a new custom saddle for us. I rode in a County years ago and absolutely loved it and the saddle fitter on Saturday said those saddles would be a good fit for Peebs. County is currently running a 0% financing right now, so we'll see if we can make it work.  It's my birthday at the end of the month and if nothing else I've asked for money towards the saddle and it will be one big ass 30th birthday present to myself!


  1. Good luck! My next saddle is going to be a county too :) (I am also short, not exactly thin, on a wide horse and for what it's worth the County saddles I've tried have felt great!)

  2. Look at Duett saddles! I love mine, they have hoop trees and I see some pop up used every so often.