Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sunshine, Shows, and Suckiness

I'm currently sitting on the floor at SFO trying to charge my phone during a 10hr layover (thanks air traffic control for cancelling my flight!) trying to get back home from vacation. So apologies in advance for mobile blogger screwing up the layout and the rambly nature of this post. 

Last Thursday my BO and I set off on vacation together. Her husband is spending the winter with his 92yr old aunt who lives along the Salton Sea in SoCal, 45mins from Thermal, and BO was going down to spend a few weeks with them. Side note, Aunt actually owns the barn property and spends the summers up here. BO and husband are like her kids. I had been talking about going to see my parents in Mexico around the same time, and since my BO, her husband, and aunt are like my second family, they got invited to Mexico too.

 Some of the other boarders were worried because BO and I have never been gone at the same time and if something happened what would they do?!? Remember that for later.

The drive down was long...good God California is a big state. But it was 84 when we pulled in Friday afternoon, much nicer than 52 and rainy in Oregon. Saturday BO, husband and I headed out to spend the day at Thermal and watch the $100k World Cup Qualifier. We spent the morning watching some 1.20m jumpers, window shopping all the pretty tack, then watching the 1.35m class in the Grand Prix ring. 
I might have fangirled a bit walking around with some of the big west coast riders hanging around the in gate. I will say that Hap Hansen looks about a million years old, and that his neck has fused. The GP was amazing to watch; tough course with only three clears. My favorite was Rich and Flexi, and even with a rail down they ended 4th. And it was announced that they'll go to the World Cup finals next month. 

After getting slightly sunburned Saturday we left Sunday for Mexico. We did a little sightseeing and Monday headed out to the Guadalupe wine valley about an hour from my parents. Mom had booked a trail ride they the vineyard for BO and I and we had a blast! I got a slightly spirited Lusitano named Valentino. He jigged most of the time but was super smooth and fun to ride. 

Unfortunately when we got back to the house Monday both BO and I were bombarded with texts saying that one of BO's donkeys was down and not drinking. Vet was called and it took 6 people to get her up. BO slept on it Monday night and spent Tuesday making arrangements. Thankfully one of our boarders is a contractor doing an addition to the barn right now and had the equipment to bury Panda on the property. He took charge of everything. But both BO and I know that the SH, the other boarder in charge while we're gone, is just beating herself up about it. She's super sensitive and anxious, and even though everyone knew Panda was going downhill, she's likely worried herself sick over it. I know I'll get a tearful SH to deal with tomorrow and threats if BO and I leave at the same time again. 


  1. Ah I was wondering what you were up to at Thermal! Yep California is a BIG ASS State!