Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunday Funday

Instead of watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, BS and I had a super pony filled day.  We hauled Peebs and BS's gelding Kalvin up to another barn for an open jump school.  Kalvin is green over fences, has never jumped away from home, and hasn't seen any fill so BS wanted to get him out before showing him.  I had originally said I'd tag along as her ground person but there was an open spot in the same time time slot, and an open spot in her trailer, so Peebs got to go too.  I had no expectations of him; basically I was taking him to see how he is away from home.

I swear his ears aren't that huge

Both boys hauled well and were good tied to the trailer while we tacked up.  We hand walked them a lap or so around the ring then reset the fences smaller.  Warming up Peebs was much more up and forward, but not crazy or out of control. I had forgotten my crop at home, but I didn't need it. We started by trotting a cross rail on a circle and while he definitely wanted to go to the fence, he listed and waited for me.  Our first canter fences weren't so great, he likes the forward, long spot to fences and I do not. But once I relaxed and let him go we were able to find some better distances.  I know our biggest "issue" right now is just me getting used to him and getting comfortable letting him go.  McKenna was such a ball of dynamite I had to hold hold hold to keep her from exploding that letting Peebs go feels like suicide.
Our first oxer, which I didn't realize till we were on the way home. 
We stuck to the baby cross rails, the cross rail oxer above, and a couple small plank jumps.  I was just happy that he was so nonchalant about going places and other than being more forward, he felt like the same pony at home as away.


  1. Definitely forward but you handle it well and glad he handled hauling out well!

  2. It's nice when you get the same horse away and and home!

  3. SO in love with that cute face!