Friday, March 20, 2015

My Poor, Poor Debit Card

This weekend was our state's yearly horse expo.  It's held about 10 minutes from my house but I haven't gone in a few years because they haven't had any (to me) interesting clinicians and because my former good friend and I used to go every year together before we had a major falling out.  It seemed weird to go without her, and I didn't want to chance running into her because that would be my luck. I had today off work and I wanted to hit a couple booths from the nicer tack shops that are an hour plus away from me.
Reason #1 why I can't go to horse expos by myself

I had spent the morning getting new tires for my car so my debit card was already in pain.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, maybe some new gloves to replace my holey ones and maybe a new blanket for McKenna.  Her current one rubs her shoulders and she's in between a medium (too small neck hole digging into her neck) and large size (slides around and doesn't do anything) shoulder guard so if I could find a deal I'd do it.  At the first booth I stopped at I saw a Rhino medium weight turnout over half off with only one left in her size. And bonus, it was a cute grey and purple plaid!  Got that and decided I was done for the day.

Blanket fits, with no tightness over the shoulders! Also enjoy the Tia photobomb

I walked around a little bit more and ran into a former boarder from my barn.  We chatted and caught up and it was great to see her.  She had left to put her horse in training, and had a bit of an issue with my former friend I mentioned above.  Once I said that the ex-friend had left she perked up and asked if we had any open stalls.  I said in a month we would and told her to talk to the BO. It would be nice to have her back in the barn.  Funny how you don't realize you missed someone till you see them again.
McKenna's super embarrassed over the giant hood though.

After our chat I found the booth of a relatively new higher end tack shop.  I haven't been in the actual store yet, but I've seen their ads.  They had a lovely display of Ogilvys and I talked to owner for a bit about them.  I've been going back and forth over getting one.  McKenna's had some back soreness and I've done the usual "are Ogilvys the great or is it just a fad" thing. The shop owner said she has a demo pad she sends out with people to test ride in, only I would have to drive an hour north to get it and return it.  I was seriously considering doing that when she mentioned one of the gummy half pads on display was half off.  It was custom ordered with someone's initials but they didn't like it/didn't buy it once it got to the store so they were selling it cheap.  I contemplated for a bit before biting the bullet and saying I'd take it.  Once the pad was paid for and bagged up I hurried home before I did anymore damage. Then it was off to the barn to try things on!

We'll just pretend those are my initials


  1. Love the rug, I swear by Horseware and it has little to do with national bias *cough*
    I have never seen hat colour combo though, so jealous as i adore all things purple!!
    Mckenna would look fab in everything but she especially rocks those colours. ☺
    Congrats on the Ogilvy deal, I hope you will do a review of the gummy pad. I have a foam one and am curious as to what you'll make of the gummy version. I haven't wad any reviews of that option yet *blush*

  2. that blanket looks perfect on her! love the colors too :) and i'm just as bad at expos or stores of any kinda... i always find something i *need* (even if i didn't know until right then that i needed it lol).

  3. I have a couple of those rugs too...they are super