Friday, March 27, 2015

2015 Q1 Goal Review and Q2 Goals

My goals for the first quarter of the year were:

For McKenna:
  • work at least 4x/week.  Have one lunge in vienna reins day and one "jump" (poles, cross rails, etc) day a week. Pretty much stuck to it.  The only real "time off" she had was after her chiro adjustment and that was per the vet.  I wasn't great about one "jump" day per week but we'll get there.
  • Continue working on our canter. Success!  We were complimented on our canter improvement at our last lesson with TS and she gave us homework (shallow serpentines to introduce counter canter) that we've been working on.
  • Get her out and go places!  I haven't taken her anywhere in the year that I've had her and I want to start exposing her to new places before hitting our first show. Complete and utter FAIL. Partly due to my truck dieing and me not trusting it hauling and partly due to time/availability of someone to go with us. 
For Phoenix:
  • Stay a happy, somewhat sound, old man. Win!  Phoenix moved to his new retirement home and seems pretty happy out there.  He looks sounder less lame and isn't stocking up in his hind end anymore.
 Since I started riding Tia and hope to show her my Q2 goals are going to include her.

For McKenna:
  • Get her out and go places!  My plan is if/when I show Tia to get a stall for McKenna and park her in it at the shows.  And time/space/energy permitting I'll hand walk/lunge/ride her around the show grounds as well.
  • "Jump" more.  She gets so excited over the little crossrails that it makes me nervous doing them outside of a lesson.  I guess that just means I need to lesson more!  
  • Work on clipping her ears.  
For Tia:
  • Continue grid work, adding in bounces.
  • Work on more eq/jumper style courses 
  • All the counter canter!
  • Show in the 2'6", either hunter, eq, or jumpers.  I'm not picky
For Phoenix:
  • Stay happy, fat, and adorable!


  1. Great goals - keep chipping away ☺

  2. Love the goals! I need to put something together for my motley herd

  3. I'm depressed. I just realised we are already 25% of the way into 2015. Where does the time go?