Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seat, Leg, Hand

It's something that I've had drilled into my head for years. Something I know inside and out, but one of the hardest things to do.

 I had a breakthrough moment during our ride Friday.  McKenna likes to rush through a couple of the corners in our indoor arena and I have been trying to half halt before and as we are going through them all week.  I say trying because once I really thought about it on Friday, I realized that I've just been holding her face, probably making her more nervous and or at least not getting her to slow and calm down.  But once I really thought about it, and rode the half halt seat, leg, then hand and made sure to let go, she slowed down and relaxed through the corners.  At one point she even broke to the trot. 

It seems like such an easy concept, but we all know how how something so easy can be so hard to practice.
We'll get there someday

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  1. ugh - that's the truth... why are the 'easy' things always so hard to remember in action??? my dressage trainer once asked me to literally count out loud each half halt i did. it was interesting bc it really got me thinking about what i was actually doing and whether it truly 'counted' as a half halt...