Friday, November 21, 2014

Before We Were Interrupted

I'm currently in New Orleans on a much needed vacation, but before I left McKenna and I had a lesson last weekend.  It was sunny, but cold, and knowing my trainer I took the mare for a lunge in the outdoor before the lesson.  Our indoor is small, and my trainer much prefers to use the outdoor, even if I'm beeing a weenie about it.  I hadn't taken McKenna out there since she dumped me the week before, partly due to said weenieness and partly due to rain and then freezing temps.
I also helped move 7 tons of hay that weekend so I was very tired and sore

When trainer got there we talked about what I've been doing with McKenna, mostly lots of transitions, circles, and figure 8s to keep her little mind engaged.  It's easier in the indoor, smaller with less distractions for her to use as escuses to be naughty.  For the lesson we pretty much stayed on a hunter course minus the jumps (long side, diagonal, long side, diagonal) for the whole time.  At various points on the pattern trainer would call out transitions for us to do, and at any point I felt McKenna get strong or counterbent I was to circle. 

It might not have been the most exciting or super productive lesson, but by the end I had a responsive horse who was listening to me and not  anxious and focused on other things.  Her brain was connected to her body, and we had some of our best upwards and downwards canter transitions. And, best of all, I had relaxed and wasn't expecting an explosion of ponytude every other stride.  Now, hopefully a week off won't undue all of this!
Found in NOLA.  Will be going on McKenna's halter


  1. love that charm! and for whatever reason, when a trainer is calling out directives for me, it seems to make it much easier to just focus on the ride... glad it was a good lesson!