Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting back to normal

The past week has been both awful and wonderful.  My parents came up from San Diego and the day after the got here, my mom got really sick.  Like not able to keep anything down and have to go to urgent care and be on an IV sick.  Right when she started feeling better, I got sick.  I spent Monday and Tuesday in bed, barely making it out to the couch on Christmas. I feel fine now, but it was a rough couple of days.

My parents had to head back on Thursday while I went back to work.  During the time my parents were here I didn't ride, just turned the boys out and lunged them each a couple times.  I hoped on Bud on Thursday once I felt better, and there was a single fence set out in the ring so we hopped over it a couple times.  Bud was good but pretty bold.  I put him back in the fig. 8 and boy was I glad since we had a couple discussions about running to the fence.  We ended on a good note, considering we haven't really jumped in a few weeks.  Yesterday I worked him in the draw reins; a preemptive reminder about using himself correctly.  Again, he was good with just a couple naughty moments.  Today we just plodded around bareback having fun.  We have our first lesson in over a month on Friday, just to get back on track and start thinking of show season.

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  1. Yikes that stinks about being sick! Glad you're feeling better.