Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Showing off

Buddy and I had a great lesson on Sunday.  Both Jen and I decided since we've been picking on Buddy in our last couple lessons that we would take it easy on him and just try to have an nice rhythm and flow. We started working on a couple trot fence which Buddy wasn't impressed by at all.  We moved on to an outside line which was an easy 4.  We nailed it the second time thru then moved on.

There was a single set along the curve at the upper end of the ring that we did a few times by itself then put it in a bending line with a single on the outside.  It was 4 or 5 strides straight then turn and 2 to the single.  It was little nerve wracking for me, since it was hard to see the distance with such a short approach.  It actually rode pretty well.

We then put together a little course with a couple fun roll backs, an angled oxer, and the single at the top going the other way.  Buddy was feeling great; forward and in front of my leg.  The course rode well and after a few times thru we called it good.  It was a great lesson a week before a show!

Bud had Monday off, and the plan was to do a flat hack with him today.  But when I got out to the barn one of the other farriers was out doing horses.  Larry used to own Buddy; he was the one Connie bought him from.  I personally can not stand him and Rick and Connie (who used to be good friends with him) can't stand him either.  I decided that since the jumps were still up and it wasn't raining that I would pop Bud over a couple.  I put them up a hole from our lesson so they were 2'9"ish.  We  just worked on some of the single fences and didn't put anything together but Buddy was jumping great again!  I got a couple pretty deep distances and Bud hopped right over them without touching a thing.  I know I wanted to show off how far Bud's come and it felt like Bud wanted to show off too.  He was so good and felt great!

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