Monday, May 7, 2012

Western Monday

I jumped Buddy a little on Saturday, and he was great.  There were a couple other girls riding western in the ring while we were jumping, so it was hard to put fences together so we just worked over a couple single fences. 

After my ride Rick brought out a western saddle that a friend of his is selling and that Rick is doing some repair work on.  It's an old Crate roping saddle, and while it does need some work, it's very well made and should clean up nicely.  They are asking $500 for it, and if they would take payments I might be able to afford it.  It fit Buddy well, and while I don't ride western that often, I would like to have my own saddle instead of having to borrow one.

In that vein, I put Connie's saddle on Bud today and we played around.  He was pretty good, we had a nice little jog.  After we finished in the arena, we walked down the road to see how the grass fields were drying out.  I can't wait till we can go gallop and jump in the grass again!!

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