Friday, May 4, 2012


Buddy's had a pretty easy week after the show.  I did a couple light hacks, one bareback, and Nik took a lesson on him.  I was going to jump him today, but it's been raining off and on and since it's supposed to be sunny and in the 70s this weekend, I decided to wait a day. 

I had a lesson last night on Zoe, and as usual the little mare rocked!  We did our first full course, a mix of x-rails and verticals.  She really wants to throw her haunches in at the cater, especially going left.  Jen had me do canter circles with her, spiraling out using only my inside leg.  The second I put my outside leg on, she would throw her haunches in.  It felt very weird to drive from the inside leg and ignore my outside leg!

Jumping we worked on straightness, and going forward.  She wants to do the slow pleasure lope and is slowly starting to realise that she won't get punished for going faster.  She's surprisingly easy to find a distance on and we were able to get a couple flying changes!

On the 19th we are taking her and Bud to small local show.  I'll be doing the 2'6" hunters and a .75m jumper round with Bud, and then a couple x-rail and 18" green horse classes with Zoe.  Nik will be making her show ring debut doing walk-trot and trot-a-pole!  So exciting!!

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