Thursday, June 27, 2024


 Cinder has been rehabbing for the last three weeks. We started off with just a few minutes of trot, adding a few minutes each day based on how she felt. The first day Trainer M rode her, and it was a bit of a rodeo. I had a lesson the second trot day, and while Cin didn't play rodeo bronc with me, we did trot around as fast as she possibly could while being horrifically on the forehand. Not the best feeling in the world when rehabbing a horse. 

Her first day back in turnout and she spent 10mins running laps, then slipped and fell down, and then decided grazing was a good idea

Thankfully those first two days were the worst of it, and she was back to her normal lazy, somewhat balanced self after that. I had to start carrying a whip again during our second week of trot. We were in a lesson, supposedly lengthening and shortening the trot, and I was pony kicking the crap out of her and not getting any difference. There's a whip holder on the side of the arena so I grabbed one as we went past, and it made a world of difference. Cinder did remember how to move out, who knew. 

We went on my first trail ride here, just a 10min loop around some of the pastures after our lesson last Saturday.

Last week we got the ok to start cantering, but unfortunately Cinder felt a bit off. A time or two during our trot weeks she would feel a bit uneven up front in the first few minutes of trot. I had mentioned it to our vet, who thought it was mostly likely due to Cinder needing a chiro and generally being weak. Between all the trauma to the left side of her neck, being stuck in an isolation stall at the hospital for 6 days, being stalled with no turnout and just hand/tack walking for six weeks, and falling in turnout, Cin's body is slightly beat up. Doc was on vacation last week, but was able to adjust Cinder yesterday and said she was out pretty much everywhere. We're back to hand walking for five days, and then can get back on and see how she does. I'm really hoping this does the trick and we can move on with the rehab. 


  1. Oh man! Cinder, make better choices in turnout! Hope she's feeling better after the adjustment so you guys can get back to doing what you both love!

  2. I'm just catching up on your blog, and I sure missed a lot. Poor girl, and poor you!! I know that had to be so scary at times. I'm glad she's on the mend overall, and the feeling of being a little off goes away soon.