Thursday, April 18, 2024

Spring has Sprung

 We've been in that weather rollercoaster know as spring for the past few weeks now. A few warm and sunny days, followed by cooler and wet days, and I even had to wait for my car to deice yesterday morning. The trees, flowers, and bushes are all flowering and pretty, and thus the pollen count is sky high. So far I haven't seen many bugs out yet, but apparently they're here. 

The murder mares, Gin and Cin, as coined by my lesson mate on Saturday. 

I got a report that Cinder was bucking and running like a crazy horse in turnout last Wednesday, and was super worked up when bring brought in. When I was grooming her on Thursday before my lesson, she was Very Not Happy with me brushing her belly. I leaned down to take a look, and found edema just in front of her teats, weeping blood. I asked Assistant Trainer N to look at it, and she texted pics to the vet. 

I didn't get any pics before we put cream on it

Vet called almost immediately, and we made a game plan. We're assuming Cin got stung by something, probably more than once, as this seems more than just bug bites. Cin got put on bute and Zyrtec for a few days, as well as vetasan ointment. It took three of us to put the vetasan on the first day, me holding her shoving cookies into her mouth, Assistant Trainer M holding up a front leg, and Assistant Trainer N applying the ointment. She was better in the following days about having the ointment applied, and it only took one person thankfully. 

I didn't ride in the lesson, and Cin got Friday off as well. When I went out Saturday for my lesson, she had the slightly manic look in her eye that said she needed to do something, so we did the flat part of the lesson and then watched the others jump. She was actually better than I expected her to be, but Sunday the bute and Zyrtec fueled ADHD was in full effect. There was lots of cantering involved in that ride, but we were able to end on a good note. She's been of the meds since Monday, so hopefully she'll be less manic for my lesson today.  

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  1. Oh man! Poor Cin! I hope she's feeling better soon. I'd be just as worked up if it were me!