Monday, February 5, 2024

Program Found

 There really isn't a lot of programs that meet my criteria of price, location, and that attend both schooling and rated shows (or even just schooling shows) that have good trainers in my area. After calling three different trainers, hearing back from two of them, having one flake out on me, and going on one barn tour, I've found a new home for Cinder and I. We'll be moving March 1st to make everything easy. Trainer A doesn't have a departure date, but it most likely will be after the 1st, and I am absolutely not leaving Cinder where she is unsupervised, so to keep my stress levels somewhat manageable, March 1st it is. The new program is also significantly cheaper, so my wallet will be very happy. 

Really happy with how she's looking weight wise, mid winter.

We'll be moving to Trainer M's barn, the barn I initially tried to move into almost two years ago before deciding to go back to Trainer A's program. I like Trainer M, I just liked A more. M is h/j trainer, with a good group of juniors and amateurs, goes to a mix of schooling and rated shows, and is the one that hosts the MDT show series we've shown a lot at. I know a lot of M's clients, and everyone there is excited for us to move in. I'm excited as well, but still grieving the loss of Trainer A. 


  1. It's tough to have to part ways with a trainer you really trust!

  2. Such a bummer that you had change paths so quickly, but I'm glad you found something that will fit your needs. I hope all goes smoothly!