Thursday, March 17, 2022

Saddle Fitting Round 1

 Starting my saddle fitting journey with Cinder was a bit intimidating. I had no idea what would and wouldn't work for her. I don't live in a big city/suburbs with brand reps/saddle fitters/tack stores so I can't easily try a bunch of saddles quickly. I did find a used Devoucoux Socoa in my seat size and flap length within my budget online, so I took it on trail. 


Yeah, that's a no. My County fits much better than this one did. I didn't even bother girthing it up, let alone riding in it. Back to seller it went. 

Fingers crossed, the Voltaire rep is coming this Saturday. I tried to get her to come out when I was saddle shopping for Peebs, but she blew me off twice. This time Trainer A set up the appointment for me since she's sponsored by them so hopefully the rep actually shows up. When I was shopping for Peebs I had the money to drop on a new custom saddle. I don't currently, and wouldn't since Cinder isn't done growing and I know whatever saddle I get now won't last more than a couple of years, but it really pisses me off that years ago I couldn't get a response from this rep even though I had $$$ to spend, but now that I have a trainer behind me she'll come out even though I'm not dropping the big bucks. I shouldn't have to have a trainer to get a response from a rep.  I know I'm not going into this fitting with a good impression of the rep, so I'm telling myself to keep an open mind. And who knows, maybe she'll flake on me like she did years ago.


  1. Voltaire reps are the biggest snobs I've ever tried to work with. Attitudes aside though, they are nice saddles. I had a Stuttgart for a bit, but it was just a little wider than I liked and didn't fit Pammon who is the only riding horse I wound up with when I had it. I hope you find something that works soon!

  2. There might be some independent fitters in your area! They usually are able to point you to brands that might work without blowing a budget! It is so tough trying to find good saddle fitters!

  3. Very open minded at the end there ­čśť but I think we've discussed my opinion also. Hopefully you can spend not too much money for a little saddle that fits reasonably!!