Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Finally Feelin' It

 Honestly, I've been a little discouraged in Peebs and my progress relationship for a while now. We took a bit of a break at the beginning of lock down a year ago, then he put his leg through the fence and had more time off. We started to get our groove back in August, but then the fires and his two colics put us back again. And then he felt NQR and we put him on Previcox, which helped, but also made him a bit high. It's taken a while to figure out what dose works to keep him comfortable, without jacking him up. It's felt like we haven't been clicking since August, and haven't really been able to put in any good work in a year. 

We had a lesson last week in which we did more than we have sine Septbember, but it still felt like Peebs and I weren't on the same page. We did our first real course of jumps, but every time had some major mistake. I couldn't get his shoulder up, or we left a stride out of line, and by the end of the lesson he felt mad. We were able to get the correct number of strides in the line, but I wanted to go back and fix the left to right diagonal fence but he felt so pissy I was afraid to pick that battle. My trainer agreed, stating that he was probably tired and maybe a little sore after not having to work this much in a while. 


We were graced with this awesome rainbow at the end of the lesson, which was the only media I got

 I had been kinda sorta planning a show season for us, with the first one being on April 3rd. But after our lesson I started second guessing my self. Like if we can barley get around a cross rail course at home, why do I think we could show 2'3" in two and a half weeks?? I do really want to show him this year, and with Cinder in training and A showing her, $$ for Peebs to show isn't as readily available. I've had it in my mind that this will be my last "real" year of showing Peebs before focusing on Cinder, and probably leasing him out, and I want to enjoy it and do well. 

He is pretty good at hacking down the road

 But since that lesson, we've had some really good rides.  We mainly did flat work on Saturday and he was being forward without being spooky or hot, so I pointed him at a couple of fences. And in four jumps we fixed pretty much everything I wanted to fix at the end of our lesson. We nailed the left to right diagonal fence, landed on the right lead cantering quietly and continued on to the outside line which rode perfectly. I quit with that because when your horse is that good, you reward them. On Sunday, I put the fences up and while not as perfect as Saturday, we were able to get around the course with only minor issues and I felt good about it. And best of all, Peebs felt good. He still wants to get heavy on his front end, and drop his right shoulder, but he didn't feel mad about me trying to fix the issues. I have hope for us yet and am entering the show next weekend. Wish us luck!


  1. It can be so disheartening where things don't feel as good as they should, but I am glad you were able to string together some great rides and I hope you get to have a full season with Peebs!

  2. Riding can be so frustrating! Glad things are turning around for you though! Maybe Peebs is just over the winter weather and ready for some spring.