Thursday, December 12, 2019

Shit Shit Shit

My job revolves around animal care, rodents in particular. Mainly mice, but some rats and the occasional hamster. I've also worked with llamas, alpacas, dogs, barn owls, chickens, pigs, quail, and ducks. But 95% of my job is mice. Cleaning cages, handling mice, treating mice, collecting tissue/fecal/blood samples, etc. So, obviously, I'm around mouse poop a lot and it doesn't bother me. Until yesterday.
Your basic lab mouse, a C57BL/6J

The barn Peebs is at has a mouse problem. I've seen them, they've chewed into my SmartPaks when people leave the drawer open, I've see there poop. But last night when I went to grab my gloves out of my helmet, which hangs on a hook on my saddle rack, I noticed mouse poop IN MY HELMET. Disgusting. I then had to take everything off my saddle rack and inspect it.

New BOT quarter sheet in action
My new BOT quarter sheet had some poop on it, but it brushed off easily enough. But the biggest issue, besides my helmet, was my Mattes half pad.  Not only did it have poop on it, there was evidence of chewing on the sheepskin. Can't say I blame the mice, it makes great nesting material. But my half pad! I'm also terrified my saddle's going to get chewed like Cob Jockey's old Wintec did. It's currently swaddled in covers and my helmet (minus the liner, that's in the wash) and half pad are in my tack trunk.

I'm going to have to have a talk with the BO about getting tougher on rodent control. I saw her saddle had some mouse poop on it, but she either hasn't seen it, or cares about it. At least I'm well versed in mouse psychology and know lot of tips and tricks to catching the little bastards.


  1. GROSS. I don't like any animals in the tack room -- mice, rats, cats, raccoons... NOTHING. I spend a lot of money on my tack and I'd be PISSED if an animal destroyed it!

  2. Yuck! I had left an anti-sweat sheet hanging in my spot at the barn after selling Maestro and when I went to replace it with my cooler I realized the mice had enjoyed peeing, pooping, and eating on it in the meantime. So it went in the garbage. My helmet lives in my tack box in a helmet bag for safe keeping. I'm fine with mice as long as they stay away from my stuff...

  3. omg yes, the first thing I thought of when you said you had a mouse problem was Jen's saddle getting chewed through all those years ago. I like rodents but I do not tolerate them in my things at all! I hope you guys are able to get shit under control (lol) and that your stuff isn't destroyed for nesting material!

  4. Ugh, moment of silence for that Wintec (that actually came from JenJ). F****** mice! Good luck getting rid of them - I had to have the same conversation with my BO when that happened to the saddle, luckily she took it seriously and doubled down on them and we never had that problem again.

    Side note - I've had that same BoT quarter sheet for a while now, you're going to love it!

  5. Those little effers have ruined so much stuff of mine! I don't know how to fully eradicate them, but I always have lots of traps all over.