Friday, August 30, 2019

AE Bloghop: 12 Tough Questions

I'm somewhat lacking for content right now, so how about these questions from Alberta Equest.

Q1: What hobbies do you have outside of riding?
Reading is my biggest hobby outside of riding.  I love a good romance or mystery, and the occasional fantasy or biography. I do tend to read mostly on my kindle or listen to audiobooks. I also love to travel and am a little bit of a foodie.

Can't get much more perfect than this

Q2: What is your boarding situation? Are you happy with it?
Currently boarding at my riding bestie's house (hereby known as TCF)  and I love it.  Unfortunately once the rain starts and horses come in off of the pasture she'll be short 1 stall. The current plan is me moving Peebs back to our old barn and leaving Cinder at TCF.  There's more turnout at TCF for growing baby horses, Cinder doesn't breakout into hives like she did at our old barn, it's cheaper than my old barn, and closer to home. This is going to sound super awful, but more than likely one of the older horses at TCF will not survive winter and when his stall opens up Peebs will move back. The only thing I would change about TCF is adding an indoor arena for winter.

Q3: What's on your horsey-related wish list?
New horse trailer.  My vet thinks Cinder might hit 17.1 hands and there's no way she's going to fit into my trailer. Even if she's not that tall, squeezing her and Peebs into my current one is going to be a tight fit.  So I'm looking for warmblood size straight load trailer.  I pretty much know exactly what I want, but pulling the trigger probably won't happen till the new year.

Q4: What is your most expensive horsey-related item?
The trailer. Both my current one and the one I'm looking to buy. Second would be my custom County saddle.

Q5: What is the hardest horsey-related decision you've had to make lately?
I haven't quite made up my mind yet, but I'm looking at trainers to start Cinder under saddle. The top contender is about 45mins away and has a great reputations for starting young horses.  SL's done a lot with FEH/YEH and puts a solid dressage foundation on her youngsters.  While I'm hoping Cinder will be a hunter, I think it would be good for her to get exposed to a bit of everything and having good dressage basics can't hurt!

Q6: What's something you feel you can't live without in your routine?
I am a creature of habit and LOVE my routine. Not so much doing things in certain order, but more doing things at a certain time. Like I'm off work at 3:30 and usually head straight to the barn. If I have to do something after work and get to the barn later it tends to really throw me off. I'm trying to be better about it, and learning to adjust my times but sometimes it can trigger my anxiety.

Q7: What's on your horsey-related calendar for the rest of the summer?
Not much. The Young Horse Show clinic I was taking Cin to got cancelled. I might take Peebs to a show at the beginning of October and might take Cin to an open show in the middle of October. The open show is being held at the facility that SL trains out of so I'm hoping to have a little meet and greet with her that weekend.

Q8: What's one thing you would willingly change about your horse?
Peebs: I think he's pretty perfect.  I would change his flying changes.  A past owner really screwed them up and when I first got him, asking for a flying change would send him into a panic.  He's gotten a lot better about them, but I don't think they'll ever be easy or drama free for him.
Cinder: Dear god stop growing! She's 16.1ish now and I'd be perfectly happy if she stopped growing taller. Also, all her allergies make finding things she can eat difficult. I'd get rid of those.

Q9: What is something you most want to improve on with you and your horse?
Our consistency.  This year we've had a bunch of little things in the show ring that while not horribly bad, have been just enough to keep us out of the ribbons or from placing higher. I feel like we're almost there, but not quite.

Q10: What has been your [current] horses most severe injury?
*Frantically knocks wood* Peebs really hasn't had any injuries.  He's pulled shoes and been sore. He was NQR this winter but stifle injections helped and we'll continue those. Cinder's had typical baby horse scrapes and bite marks. Her biggest vet concern were her hives/allergies.

Q11: What do you feel your biggest downfall is as a rider?
My mental game. I'm an over thinker and have a big case of imposter syndrome.

Q12: What feeds your motivation?
I want to prove I can do it, whatever it is. I've always felt like a bit of an outsider.  I'm a plus sized rider doing things on a budget.  I don't ride at a big barn. Sometimes at shows I don't have a trainer with me. I want to show that the H/J world isn't as elitist as it can seem and that people like me do belong.

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