Monday, June 10, 2019

Fits and Starts

It seems like this year my riding has gone in fits and starts.  Starting last fall Peebs had issues tracking/turning/jumping to the left, then we got his stifles done and that helped. We had really weird weather in Feb/March with snow and cold temp and I didn't feel much like riding. Then we worked through the left issue and just when things started to click I went on vacation for two weeks.

Peebs and his new turnout buddy Red

 When I came back I was hoping to get back to a more regular riding schedule.  But work got crazy and I was doing a lot more and was too drained to ride much.  Then my grandfather got sick and I took a long weekend to fly home and say goodbye, thankfully because he passed a week after I saw him.

It's in large part thanks to my grandfather's generosity and financial skills that I have these two, so thank you Grandpa.
But now both ponies are moved into A's barn, work is still crazy but should get better in a week or two, and I'm starting to feel more motivated. Other than flying down for my grandfather's service in late July/early August, I have all summer to dedicate to the ponies. I've had a couple really good rides with Peebs last week and I'm hopeful that we can end the fits and starts and finally really start working.


  1. Very sorry for your loss. Never easy to lose a loved one.
    Some years riding is like that. And I think it's perfectly ok! I'm sure you'll be back at it consistently soon!

  2. I'm so sorry about your grandfather *hugs*