Wednesday, March 6, 2019

IRL Blogger Meet Ups

On Saturday Nicole from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management came down to play with the ponies.  She's moved about an hour or so north of me, and we've been trying to meet up for a month  and the stars our schedules finally aligned. It was probably not the most exciting blogger meet up ever, since Peebs was on turn out only after his injections.  And I failed at getting any photographic evidence of us together.

But have a pic of Peeb's new shoulder guard. Superhero style for a super pony!

We hung out at the barn for a few hours, letting the ponies play (and in Peeb's case, take a nap in the sun) in the arena while we chatted.  I then whisked her off to Inavale, the home of Oregon's only rated 3day event which is about 10 mins from my barn.  We walked a very tiny portion of the xc course and wandered around the barn for a bit.

It was in the low 50s during the day over the weekend and Peebs was loving it. It's currently raining with some sleet mixed it and I'm NOT loving it.
I did take Nicole to my favorite taco shop ever and we scared down some delicious tacos.  Honestly, I could eat there every day. More bloggers need to come visit me so I have an excuse to have Taco Vino more. We finished off the day by heading over to the feed store to scope out baby chicks. Fluffy baby birds are always cute!


  1. Ohh, didn't realize you are close to Inavale. Some of my barn mates attend their events...if I tag along this year I will definitely get in touch with you. (I love tacos ;)

    1. Oh my goodness...if you come to Inavale I'd love to be on the blogger meet up! :)

    2. Yes, let me know if you come down this way!

  2. Sounds like such a fun day, even if there wasn't any pony riding. I mean, ponies + tacos = perfect right?
    LOVE the superhero should guard. Adorable!

  3. I could live off Taco Vino too! They are SO good