Monday, September 10, 2018

What Now

Show season is pretty much over for Peebs and I.  There's a couple shows left on the calendar, but one is when I'm going to be at WEG and the other is the end of October, about 2hrs away, and held outside.  The chances of cold, wet, and windy weather doesn't really appeal to me much.  There is one in October about a half hour away and I think it's held inside.  I'd like to get more miles at 2'6" before we hit it hard next season but I'm kinda ambivalent about going. I was supposed to do a Rob Gage clinic in November, and was wanting to get more miles before that, but due to recent events that got cancelled.

For sure we'll be focusing on lead changes this winter.  Besides my comfort at 2'6", that's our biggest issue.  Peebs has been started on them, but had his brain fried by a previous owner.  We've slowly started schooling them, mostly over ground poles, and I think we're making progress.  I can now ask for maybe 3-4 changes per ride vs one when I first got him.  He's probably around 75% getting them. I'm hoping to have a few lessons focusing on changes and am toying with having my trainer ride him a bit. I know she could set him up better, but I know his trust in me is a big part of our success so far.  He doesn't have the same bond with my trainer as he does with me. He's a pretty easy ride, but certain things set him off and lead changes are one of them.

I'm already tentatively marking out next year's show schedule with the plan to qualify for and compete at OHJA medal finals next Labor Day weekend. My parent's and I are going a big trip next April which will probably make one or two shows a no go. So I'm going off of this year's dates and working backwards to see what will work for next year. I want to make every show count! I've already told my trainer of my plans for medal finals and she's on board.


  1. Very interesting about Rob Gage.. I wonder if that's why he hasn't messaged me back.

  2. Our season is over too -- we're taking a bit of a break to relax before starting on some goals for the winter. I'm not sure if Niko and I will be ready, but I'd like to qualify for our local Hunter Derby Cup finals next year!