Friday, August 10, 2018

Monster Baby

I realized I haven't done a Cinder update for a while.  She continues to surprise me with how good she is about *most* things but her chestnut-mareitis has started to make itself known.

At least she's pretty to look at
Last time I measured, which was probably over a month ago, she was a little over 14.3 hands. For the most part, she's been growing pretty steadily, without any major fugly periods.  She'll have a day or two here and there where she looks butt high, or really ribby, but I'm amazed at how well she's built.  I'm hoping her ugly phase is going to happen during the winter when she's blanketed so no one has to see.

First time in the trailer by herself
Since I've been hauling Peebs out to lessons and to shows a lot this summer, I've been using having the trailer hooked up to get Cinder used to loading by herself, and with just me.  When I brought her home I had friends with me and the mini in the trailer as a buddy. When we moved barns Peebs was in the trailer first and my trainer helped load Cinder.  Both times she was really good about loading and unloading, but she needs to get used to going by herself and I need to be able to load her alone. And now that she knows how to tie, she can get used to being tied in the trailer.  The first time I loaded her solo it took maybe a minute for her to get in.  She was little worried when I tied her and shut the divider but a cookie made up for it.  I only left her in the trailer for a few minutes, and then tried to back her out.  That was really confusing and I had to practically shove her out but she did it.  I stuffed her with cookies, loaded her again and backed out again.  Second time she understood much better.  I think I've done loading practice maybe 3 or 4 times now and she's been really good every time.  She's actually better about backing out than her big brother.

Looking all grown up tied to the trailer.  A minute later she untied herself but didn't go anywhere.
Our biggest issue is spray bottles and the hose.  I'm not sure what happened, but Cinder is convinced those things will kill her.  We've had some epic meltdowns (and a couple broken crossties) trying to run away from them.  She's also not afraid to run me over during said meltdowns, so we've had to have some come-to-Jesus moments about that.  Rule #1: Never run over mom. I've started carrying a whip to nail her in those moments, but she's not really phased by it; more annoyed by it than anything.  There was one day I was leading her and Peebs in double from the pasture that she spooked and knocked me down.  I got up and whaled on her with the lead rope.  Peebs acted like I was going to kill him and you could tell he was so sorry for whatever he had done while Cinder really didn't care. Definitely one of those mare attitude vs gelding attitude moments.

So annoyed with me
Cinder had her first lesson a couple weeks ago with  my trainer.  We had had an epic fit about being hosed off and I called and asked if she'd help me with Cinder instead of my lesson with Peebs that week.  We started with a spray bottle of water in the arena but ended up putting her in her stall.  Trainer stood at the door spraying her while Cinder ran back and forth for a good half hour till she finally gave in and stood. A lot of her issue is that sound the spray bottle and hose makes, not necessarily the water.  I can sponge her off and she's fine, but the sound really sets her off.  So everyday I stand in the doorway of her stall and use the spray bottle on her.  She's better about it, but will still spin circles and run backwards if I try to spray her off while tied or on the lead rope. My trainer's been on vacation but once she's back we're going to have another lesson with the hose. I'm seriously contemplating ear plugs or drugs for Cinder for that one. And alcohol for myself.


  1. Oh babies... That's pretty frustrating about the sprayer and hose, but definitely good to address it now while she's still relatively small!
    She really is pretty!

  2. The things horses find to be afraid of!

  3. Dante carried a lot of tension through his body when he would get sprayed when I brought him home. Exposure therapy seems to be the only thing that does the trick (which you are doing thoughtfully and thoroughly!)

  4. These are the things I totally take for granted with mine!