Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What's in a Name

I'm on day 10 of 12 working in a row....and the last few days have been ROUGH.  Like we normally have 7 people but have been down to 3 or 4.  Mentally and physically I'm fried so, for funsies I'm asking for help on picking a show name for Cinder. 

Every princess needs a sparkly crown.  Also, that's her dad's palomino butt in the background
Her sire is Chancellor (Rogue for a barn name) and dam is Brenna (Abby/barn name) by Buenos Aires. Doesn't give me a whole lot to work with.  Of note, Brenna's grandsire, Bolero, was the founding sire of the B-line Hanoverians and the grandsire of Brentina. 

Like mother, like daughter
I'm thinking something fire related to play off of Cinder, or maybe something in Spanish as a thanks to my parents (who live in Mexico) for helping me get her?  Currently I'm liking Sparks Fly, but my uncle's nickname is Spark and I don't really get along with him that well as he's THAT uncle at family gatherings.

So interwebs, help a girl out.  Anyone got any suggestions??


  1. Names are hard. Hanoverian naming conventions would have you name her something starting with the letter B.

  2. Even though she can't be registered, I do like following the Hanoverian rules.

  3. I love Sparks Fly! Here's some other ideas:
    Burning Ember
    Blazing Ember
    Bit of Flame
    Burned Before
    Calabaza (pumpkin since she's orange lol)
    Castaña (chestnut)

    1. Wow! I love your B ideas...especially Burned Before

  4. Bonfire, like the big fancy dressage horse. And then instead of calling her Cinder you can call her Bon Bon because squeeee so cute I love food. ;)

  5. I'm of no help today... All I'm coming up with is Burn Book (I hope you get the Mean Girls reference!)