Wednesday, November 30, 2016

South of the Border

I flew down to San Diego for a quick trip for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with the extended family at my aunt's house, then my parents and I headed south to their home in Mexico. They live about 30miles south of the border so it's not super far. We had a couple very nice and relaxing days before I had to head back home.

Thanksgiving sunset
In the first few days after the election, I had a strong feeling of needing to move back to San Diego/Mexico to be near my family.  While that's mostly gone now, I still want to be able to know my options if things go to shit.  I started looking up places in south SD, but holy $$, especially since I haven't even looked into jobs and housing. My old barn, that I rode at in high school, is in the north part of the county and over a hour and a half away from where my parents are now, excluding time it takes to cross the border. Mexico is a better option, considering I could mooch of my parents like the millennial I am. So I started looking for barns in/around Tijuana. I even went so far as to look up what it would take to export Peebs to Mexico. Lotta paperwork, and I'd have to have an official hauler take him across.

Mexican horse thanks!

There's a place about twenty minutes from my parents house, in a very nice gated community that includes a private school, hotel, spa, and golf course. My mom had heard about this place and we had stalked them a bit on social media before she messaged them for more info. So on Saturday we stopped for a visit.
Serious arena goals.  Just the view alone!

They offer lessons and boarding and host shows. They have two barns with a total of 24 stalls. Two arenas, and it looked like a couple small turn out pens. There's also a clubhouse with a bar and pool table. It's a jumper barn, since the hunter/eq world is a US/Canadian thing. We didn't get a full price list, but full care board including grooming and lessons (didn't specify how many) is $560 a month. Granted, I don't know what the trainers are like, but that seems like a pretty great deal to me. I know I'd pay at least double that around here for full board and training/grooming, and probably close to triple that in SoCal. I'm sure I could negotiate down because I wouldn't want full grooming and everything's negotiable in Mexico.  

 We had showed up announced, and they had a vet out working on a horse so we didn't get to talk to anyone or wander through the barns.  But the vet was speaking English, had a nice truck, and was wearing a Platinum Performance jacket which made me feel better. I'm tempted to go back when I'm down for Christmas and talk to someone, but it feels a bit like wasting their time since I don't actually plan to move, unless shit hits the fan. 


  1. Ok.. since I'm working remote.. maybe I should move to Mexico too..

  2. That arena is hella spectacular

  3. It's always nice to have options!!!!